About This Thing

This is a webzine by Joe Scott, a member of Slowprint. The zine is called FUCK.

In the before COVID-19 days, Slowprint made physical zines and posters for Seattle. In the Now days, we are trying the internet.

We're going to update this thing irregularly. To get word when that happens, submit your email below. The message will say "Fuckzine has been rotated. The new zine is called '[idk, like, why pollution is bad]'".

About SlowPrint

Slowprint is a propaganda club promoting the truth: eco-socialism. Which means we think capitalism is bad for the body and soul. To break shitty frames of thought, we're experimenting with different ways of message-spreading. We make art and zines for the long-game battle of ideas and also for immediate political gains -- like (right now) for a progressive big business tax, or like (last year) for the city council campaigns of Shaun Scott and Kshama Sawant.

Seattle owes a debt to people everywhere who are exploited by the corporations we house. Slowprint is a small attempt to pay down that debt.

Slowprint is supported entirely by donation. You can become a supporter through Patreon.